• QUADRO Zeolith – detox for garden soil.

    Adding value to the earth, naturally.

    This biological soil conditioner increases soil quality and fertility with its active nutrient storage, reduces nutrient washout with its water storage capacity and absorbs toxic substances in the soil.

  • Fertiliser for real organic gardeners: We give it 100%, naturally!

    Bovine manure

    Pure manure is ideal for even nutrient supply with long-term effect.
    It is free of weeds and peat-free and is also very suitable for lawns with its fast solubility – and it is purely ecological and also odour-free.

  • The new gardening season

    The frosty days are not quite over yet but nature is showing its first signs of the coming spring. Time to start thinking about getting the new gardening season off to a good start.


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Gärtner's Garden year. When do I fertilise what?

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Approval for Categories 2 & 3

Approval for Categories 2 & 3
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