Fertilisers for real gardeners

The top-quality full range for wholesalers, specialist shops and garden centres. The range of products includes fertilisers, limes, soil additives, liquid fertiliser and lawn seed. Selected raw materials and ideal active ingredient components guarantee the highest quality and ease of use.

Some Gärtner's products can be ordered through Amazon, they are marked accordingly.

Product range

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Specialities for all seasons

The product range with a lot of organic products for ecologically minded garden lovers and with specialities for all seasons. The product range is suitable for all selling methods and sales channels and as a complement to own brands or other product lines, promotions or secondary placement.

Product range

Premium products at a good price

The diverse no-name product range for all sales channels, especially for secondary placements and seasonal promotions at the POS, is offered via secondary placements. The Extra% product range is restricted to articles with the highest selling values and is ideally suitable for product entry, as a test to expand your own range or brand. All products correspond to the latest trends; the product range is updated regularly.

Product range

Own-brand competence

We offer dealers a full-service package to help them develop and produce their own brands. gpi produces mainly using regional raw materials, depending on customers’ wishes, quality standards and the price segment being targeted. We give support in the design of the different forms of packaging and the marketing strategy including all POS sales measures.

Product range

Product range for cold days

Supplies for the cold season.

Our ice-melting products range from spreadable thawing salts through combination products with natural grit to granulated limestone grit.

Product range