Company // Sustainability

Sustainability in practice

Responsible and future-orientated

In the company, in production and in the products themselves and their packaging, we live the theme of sustainability and continue to develop ourselves on all levels. gpi stays in regular contact with both customers and suppliers and continues to invest in sustainable alternatives for people and the environment.

Company and production

We invest in environmentally friendly and ecological solutions in our production and filling plants and at our company locations: NFI – North Fertilizer Industry location, Beckeln: Here, we focus on the processing of organic raw materials from the region. We create material cycles via waste recycling from the food industry and practise recoverable recycling. A high proportion of the electricity for the production plants is generated by two photovoltaic plants; a third one is scheduled for the near future. The gpi – green partners international location, Gladbeck: the cogeneration principle is used to recover the heat that is generated by our own compressors – for producing warm water, for instance. The entire gpi location in Gladbeck is heated by means of district heating; the lights in the warehouses have been converted to energy-saving LED lamps.

Packaging solutions

Recycling of old material for new packaging, the recyclability of the packaging and manufacture from recycled materials are the three pillars of our packaging concept:

  • A high proportion of containers made from recycled material.
  • The manufacture of containers from a single material, without metal brackets, makes them easier to sort in the recycling centre and facilitates recycling.
  • The use of corrugated cardboard containing a proportion of recycled material for manufacturing containers and cartons.
  • The continuous improvement of sustainability features in the packaging and the development of innovative solutions in our internal project group.

Organic products

A comprehensive range of organic products is visible throughout our product lines.

An array of diverse organic garden products is listed in the premium-quality full product range. There is a focus within the product range on organic products for ecologically-minded garden enthusiasts. The “no-name” product range with low-budget organic articles made to the highest product standards.