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Planting Diary

Fertilisation is always in season

FebruaryOpen land:
Cauliflower, kohlrabi, peppers, radishes, lettuce
Soil preparation with Gärtner's natural lime dolomite or garden and lawn lime, Gärtner's stone meal, Gärtner's horn shavings/horn meal
MarchPreceding crop:
Cucumbers, cauliflower, kohlrabi, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, radishes, lettuce, pick-and-pluck lettuce, iceberg lettuce, leeks

Open land:
Onion sets, carrots, peas, garlic
For composting:
Gärtner's compost accelerator for all organic waste. Fertilise rows of strawberries with Gärtner's berry fertiliser. Work the universal garden fertiliser ORMINAT in gently to prepare the beets. Help promote humus with Gärtner's bovine manure.
AprilPreceding crop:
Aubergines, spinach, peppers, leeks

Open land:
Cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, lettuce, pick-and-pluck lettuce, iceberg lettuce, onions, beetroot, leeks, carrots, peas, potatoes, herbs, summer flowers
Use Gärtner's pine fertiliser, Gärtner's rose fertiliser, Gärtner's rhododendron fertiliser for these special crops now. First lawn fertilisation with Gärtner's organic and mineral lawn fertiliser. For fruit and vegetable growing use the universal organic and mineral garden fertiliser ORMINAT or Gärtner's purely organic garden fertiliser, “bio classic”.
MayOpen land:
Tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, broccoli, kohlrabi, spinach, radishes, lettuce, pick-and-pluck lettuce, iceberg lettuce, beetroot, leeks, carrots, peas, bush and runner beans, summer flowers
High-potassium special fertiliser for tomatoes, cucumbers and aubergines: Gärtner's tomato fertiliser. Use the universal garden fertiliser ORMINAT for fruit and vegetable growing. For garden summer flowers use Gärtner's shrub fertiliser.
For balcony and patio plants: use Gärtner's slow-release “Blühkraft” fertiliser and Gärtner's liquid flower fertiliser or Super, the active liquid plant fertiliser with valuable trace elements.
JuneOpen land:
Bush and runner beans, cucumbers, kohlrabi, spinach, radishes, endives, lettuce, pick-and-pluck lettuce, chicory, iceberg lettuce, biennial summer flowers
Use Gärtner's organic and mineral lawn fertiliser or Gärtner's slow-release lawn fertiliser or Gärtner's immediate-effect lawn fertiliser for refertilising your lawn. If you have problems with moss and weeds, use Gärtner's lawn fertiliser with iron II sulphate or Gärtner's weed killer with lawn fertiliser. Also use Gärtner's pine fertiliser, Gärtner's rose fertiliser and Gärtner's rhododendron fertiliser for any urgent refertilisation of special crops.
JulyOpen land:
Spinach, Chinese cabbage, bush beans, lettuce, chicory, sugar loaf, Florence fennel, savoy cabbage, irises and biennial summer flowers
Freshen up the soil after the strawberry harvest with Gärtner's berry fertiliser. Plants with high nutrient demands such as tomatoes, aubergines, leeks and cabbage require 1-2 doses of fertiliser in summer. Fertilise balcony and patio plants with Gärtner's Classic flower fertiliser or Gärtner's flower fertiliser with guano or Gärtner's Super active plant fertiliser.
AugustOpen land:
Spinach, Chinese cabbage, lamb’s lettuce, winter radishes, endives, pick-and-pluck lettuce, lilies, irises and conifers
Refertilise pome and stone fruit now with the universal garden fertiliser ORMINAT. Use it also to fertilise the winter vegetables which should be being sown now. Add Gärtner's compost accelerator to your compost to help rot all organic waste faster.
SeptemberOpen land:
Spinach, lamb’s lettuce, strawberries, winter salad, shrubs, bulbs, conifers
Gärtner's stone meal helps improve and revitalise soil. Always put Gärtner's compost accelerator between the lawn cuttings and the soil.
OctoberOpen land:
Spinach, fruit trees, berry bushes,
bulbs, ornamental shrubs and roses
Use Gärtner's organic and mineral lawn fertiliser to help your lawn better overcome the winter. Mix Gärtner's rose and pine fertiliser with Gärtner's potting soil when planting roses and conifers.
NovemberOpen land:
Fruit trees,
berry bushes,
bulbs, roses and ornamental shrubs
Improve your soil now with Gärtner's natural lime dolomite or Gärtner's garden and lawn lime and Gärtner's bovine manure. Carry out one final fertilisation for conifers with Gärtner's pine fertiliser or Gärtner's Epsom salts.
Lawn careTime period
Iron fertiliser
Garden and lawn lime
all year
Autumn lawn fertiliser
Compact lawn fertiliserMarch-September
Lawn fertiliser with ironMarch-September
Lawn fertiliser with long-term effectMarch-September
Lawn fertiliser with moss killer
Lawn fertiliser with weed killerMarch-September
Lawn reseeding and renewalMarch-May/August-September
Shaded lawnsMarch-May/August-September
Games and sports turf
Bamboo fertiliserMarch-July
Fruit and berry fertiliserMarch-September
Epsom saltsSpring to autum
Blue fertiliser 12+12+17+2 (NEW: 12+6+15+2, reduced phosphate)March-September
Blue fertiliser 8+8+8March-September
Caustic lime 90 (granulated)
all year
Box tree fertiliserMarch-September
Box tree fertiliser with micronutrientsMarch-October
Garden fertiliser for all types of gardenMarch-September
Calcium cyanamide (finely granulated)March-October
Natural lime dolomiteFebruar-October
Olive tree fertiliser
Patentkali® potash magnesiaspring and autum
Rhododendron and ericaceous plant fertiliserMarch-April and June-July
Rose fertiliserMarch-July
Rose fertiliser with micronutrientsMarch-October
Pine and conifer fertiliserApril-July
Tomato fertiliserApril-July
Citrus fertiliser with micronutrientsMarch-October
Active plant food for all flowering and green plantsMarch-October
Balcony plant slow-release fertiliserMarch-June
Balcony and tub plant fertiliserall year
Flower fertiliser with guanoall year
Flowering plant fertiliser with micronutrientsall year
Fertiliser sticks for flowering plantsall year
Fertiliser sticks for green plantsall year
Iron fertiliser (liquid)March-October
Geranium fertiliserApril-September
Green plant fertiliser with micronutrientsall year
Hydrangea BlueMarch-October
Hydrangea fertiliserMarch-July
Cactus fertiliser with micronutrientsall year
Orchid fertiliser with micronutrients*all year
Fertiliser sticks for orchids*all year
Organic fertiliser for snack gardensMarch-October
Organic herb + tomato fertiliserMarch-October
Organic fruit + vegetable fertiliserMarch-September
Organic lawn fertiliserMarch-October
Organic tomato fertiliserApril-July
Horn mealMarch-October
Horn shavingsMarch-October
Compost acceleratorMarch-November
Bovine manureMarch-October
Stone mealFebruary-April and August-October

* Only fertilise orchids during the growth and flowering phase