Acting in your interests.

Our know-how is your advantage

We know the current market conditions and the various distribution channels. Be it single-origin full loads, partial loads with several unloading points or general cargo, be it decentralised direct delivery or central warehouses with time-slot controls, be it picking up or delivering, we support every aspect of logistics and of customers’ wishes.

gpi will support you in product range design that is in line with the market, from raw material procurement to POS consultation.

This includes selection, declaration and product inspection and a contemporary packaging design. We will advise you about special promotions and secondary placements and offer you consumer-friendly and promotionally effective forms of presentation.

Our Quality Assurance / Fertiliser Regulation division in particular will support you in all specialist questions regarding the products and will also be available to you in the event of fertiliser transport spot checks, as a contact for risk and crisis management, for customer complaints and product training courses for your sales team.